Troubleshooting When Your Washer Won't Drain


If you notice your washer won't drain completely there could be a problem with the drain hose or drain filter. Follow along with this video to learn how locate the access panel on the bottom left side of the front of your washer and how to open this access panel. Grab a shallow pan to catch any water and place it directly underneath the open access panel. We will also show you how to check the drain hose by removing it gently from its clip and how to check for any kinks or bends which may be preventing proper draining. Make sure not to pull it, or risk adding a kink yourself. After removing the cap and draining, gently feel along the hose for obstructions and squeeze downward to rid the hose of any buildup. If the drain hose looks good, check the drain pump filter next.You may find any number of small objects in there like coins, string, or debris. We will show you how to remove the filter and empty them out before thoroughly washing the filter and drying it and putting it back. Avoid future issues by performing the drain hose and drain pump filter check monthly.

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