Troubleshooting When Your Washer Makes Noise


If it seems like your washer is making too much noise, there are a few easy things to check. Follow along with this video to learn some troubleshooting tips. Begin by checking pockets before loading the machine and remove any loose items and try to zip up any zippers, button any buttons, and turn clothing inside out to reduce "clanging" against the drum. We will also show you how to check if shipping bolts are still attached to the drum and how to remove them. Leveling your washer is another noise reducing tip. An unlevel washer may shake, causing unnecessary noise, vibration, and possible unit malfunction. We will show you how to make any adjustments needed to individual legs until you confirm it’s level. Lastly, attempting to wash an unbalanced load can lead to excessive vibration and noise. Watch our Washer Troubleshooting video titled "When Your Washer Load is Unbalanced" for even more troubleshooting tips!

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