Troubleshooting When Your Refrigerator Has Trouble Cooling


If you feel your refrigerator is not cooling properly, there are some things to check to troubleshoot this issue. Watch this video to learn how to start with lowering the temperature settings on your fridge. Look inside the fridge as well. Check that no cooling vents are being blocked by overloaded food. The powerful cooling of your refrigerator also depends on a proper seal of the fridge doors and drawers when closed. If this seal is broken, you may experience low or weak cooling or see signs of frost buildup around the gasket. So we will show you how to do a gasket check. If all the gaskets look good, do a quick check of your fridge's contents. Are there bottles too tall to sit in a side bin? Is there something jutting out past the edge of the shelf? Remove or rearrange any items that seem like they could be pushing against the door and breaking the seal. Also, as a quick tip, you would do well to refrain from placing the appliance too close to a heat source. Avoid having it near an oven or in extreme sunlight, for example. This could be contributing to your cooling concerns.

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