Troubleshooting When Your Refrigerator Makes Too Much Noise


Follow along with this video to learn how to prevent unnecessary noise from your fridge. Reference your User Manual for a list of normal operating sounds. But if you feel like your fridge might be making too much noise, there are some easy things to check. In this video, we will show you how to survey the contents of your refrigerator to make sure your items have room. Also, if you are not currently connected to a water line, make sure you do not accidentally have the ice making function turned on. Not only can the ice maker fail to make ice without water, it may make a noise as well. Additionally, sometimes a refrigerator can be too close to the wall. This can contribute to an increase in perfectly normal motor operating noise. Make sure to move your appliance at least 2 inches away from the back wall. Contact a service professional, if these tips do not address the issue or are combined with a refrigerator malfunction.

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