Troubleshooting When Your Refrigerator is Leaking


Watch this video if moisture is present around your refrigerator and you think it may be leaking because there are a few troubleshooting tips to help. Make sure, that after a water filter change and reset, you run a few glasses of water through the water dispenser of your fridge. This will flush out trapped air in the system which may cause dripping. Also, on French door refrigerators residing in a humid, hot, environment, moisture may build up on the Mullion flap on the inside of the door. This moisture can drip from the unit when the door is opened. To correct this, turn off Energy Saving Mode on your unit. And try using your home's AC to help with the humidity level in your kitchen. If you feel the leaking is more serious and appears to be coming from faulty connections or water line issues, call a service professional to assist you.

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